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Developing the skills for a fabulous career isn't just a nice idea. It's the best possible path to success.

Why Mind Tools?

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Since 1996, MindTools has had one goal: to help everyone have a happy and successful career. Our comprehensive toolkit is jam-packed with all the learning resources you need to forge a prosperous career, and achieve that all-important work-life balance.


Our global community and extensive resources can help you to resolve your career challenges, answer team-management questions, and find new ways to grow in confidence.

Why Mind Tools?

Content you can trust

Our in-house team of professional writers and editors fact-check every Mind Tools resource, interview an astounding range of experts, and apply nonpartisan and ethical editorial standards.

Why Join Mind Tools?

Enhance your career every day

It’s the little things we do, day by day, that make the biggest difference.


That’s why Mind Tools is divided into 12 skill areas, each tailored to a specific aspect of your life or career. That means there’s always something you can be doing to develop yourself, and realize your full potential.

Why Join Mind Tools?

Resources to suit you

Whatever type of learner you are – no matter how much (or how little) time you’ve got to spare – Mind Tools has something for you when you’re in the mood for learning.

Stress busting workbook

Why Mind Tools?

Professional career coaching

Our qualified coaches practice methods and techniques proven to help members achieve their goals and overcome challenges at work.

New this Month

Our latest resources

Here at Mind Tools, we’re always developing brand-new learning materials for our toolkit, bringing our worldwide community the latest expertise and thought leadership in business intelligence, professional skills, and career development.

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The Mind Tools Club has been an important companion and a valuable information source, especially within the constraints of a busy executive life.
Mind Tools member - Sanya Salek
Sanya Salek

Member for over 2 Years

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The resources are easy to find, which is a huge time saver, rather than searching endlessly for resources on the Internet. And, the monthly fee for Club membership is so affordable.
Mind Tools member - Mary J Anderson
Mary J. Anderson

Member for over 3 Years

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Use the Mind Tools Club to support your staff and build relationships with colleagues and your team members by sharing new information.
Mind Tools member - Wendy Blackwell
Wendy Blackwell

Member for over 5 Years

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